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The Best Crossover SUV With The Least Strain On Your Wallet

After extensive research and test driving, US News and World Report has compiled a list of the most affordable crossover SUV’s. According to their list, the best crossover SUV is the Toyota RAV 4. However, all twenty-three of the best crossover vehicles ranked fairly strongly in their list of winners.

Nineteen of the twenty-three vehicles received overall rankings that exceeded eight. The rankings were based on a scale of one to ten, and the overall ranking was an average of their rankings in four different categories. These categories included performance, exterior, interior, and safety. Thirteen of the twenty-three vehicles received a safety ranking of ten.

The Best Crossover SUV: The Toyota RAV4

Best Crossover SUV - Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is certainly not the best luxury crossover SUV. Its exterior looks outdated, and its interior looks cheap. However, it gains ground on other vehicles in its class because it is practical and family-friendly. With seating for up to seven people, it has more room than many other crossovers. It also offers a V6 engine option that is more powerful than many of its competitors. With prices ranging from just over $22,000 to just under $29,000, this vehicle is extremely affordable and a great option for busy families. This is why it gets the title of the best crossover SUV.

The Second Best Crossover SUV

Best Crossover SUV - Chevrolet Equinox

The second place winner is a tie between the Chevrolet Equinox and the Honda CR-V. Just like the RAV4, the Equinox one has a lackluster exterior. However, it beats other vehicles in its class thanks to its affordability, its fuel economy, and its spacious interior. Unlike the RAV4, the Equinox does not offer a third row. In spite of that, however, it offers the same amount of space as many midsize SUV’s. It is one of the few competitors in this category that offers an optional rear entertainment system. This feature is prized by many families with children. Its prices start at around $23,000. However, it is disappointing that this vehicle loses points in safety and reliability. Its safety rating is 9.7, and its reliability is only a 6.

Best Crossover SUV - Honda CRV

The Honda CR-V received a slightly lower safety rating at 9 and a slightly higher reliability rating at 9. This vehicle does not have the most attractive exterior in its class or the best fuel economy. What it does offer is reliability and practicality. Families will love its cargo space, and the fact that the interior is full of little cubbies to stow various items. Many reviewers compare it to a backpack. The CR-V won in the most affordable and best crossover SUV category last year. If you are interested in buying last year’s winner, you are in luck. According to Kelley Blue Book, the CR-V is the winner in the best used crossover SUV category.

If you want a crossover SUV, you should buy the very best crossover SUV. The three mentioned in this article offer great value for the money. With gas prices as high as they are, you will continue to save as you own these vehicles. Their incredible fuel economy makes sure of that fact.

Best Crossover SUV – Toyota RAV4 Video Walkaround

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